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The Book Of Stories OCT

Chapter 1: A Villains Entrance

"Your life ends here hero." A man said leaning over the person on the floor. "Aiden you cold hearted fool." the man on the floor said. "You'll never get away with this."
"Oh haven't I already?" Then the man standing above him reached his hand out over the man on floor and white threads came out of his finger tips and stabbed him like spears. "That's what you get for thinking you could stop me." said the man "Why do you always act so dramatic Aiden?"  Said a woman walking into the room. "Do you always have to kill my fun Elli?"
"My name is Ellixandria. You know I don't like to be called Elli."
"That doesn't matter we should get out of here the cops will show up any second." Aiden said retracting the threads back into his fingers. "Right lets go." Ellixandria said leaving, Aiden followed her downstairs to be greeted by the cops. "Nice Elli you led us right to them." He said, then she answered. "I thought we could get away before they showed up okay?" The cops came out of their cars then one pulled out his Bullhorn and said. "Alright your surrounded putt your hands up and don't try anything funny." When he was done speaking the two of them lifted their hands and Aiden said. "Did you hear that Elli? Nothing funny." "Yes I do believe so." She replied.
"So shall we have some fun then?"
"Let's." Aiden dropped his hands and hundreds of threads came out of fingers killing cops one by one as he walked forward casually with his hands by his sides moving into the center of the cop cars.  Ellixandria started throwing knives at the cops and their cars by striking the engine with a knife causing it to blow up and kill any cops by it. Then Aiden and Ellixandria met back to back in the center of it all. "I'm out of knives." Ellixandria said to him. "I thought I would never see the day." He said smiling and dodging the polices bullets as they came flying at them.
"Oh shut up. Anyway I'm defenseless now. got any ideas?"
"Yeah one."
"And what is that?"
"Throw me up into the air."
"What? I cant lift you."
"Not like that link your hands together and when I step on them push up and help me jump into the air."
"Ok but you better not have stepped in anything gross." Then she linked her hands together, Aiden jumped on them and was sent flying into the air. "She's stronger then she looks." He said while twenty feet in the air. While in the air he flipped himself upside down and spread out his hands and thousands of threads came from them killing every single cop within seconds. Then he began to fall. "I didn't think this one through." He said. "Elli!" "Yes?" she replied nonchalantly.
"Catch me!"
"Should of thought this one more through huh?"
"Just catch me!" Just before he fell to the ground she grabbed his wrist and swung him around before he crashed on the ground stopping him from falling but still made him dizzy. "Never catch me like that again." He said regaining any kind of speech. "You don't control me." She said walking off. "W-wait for me." Aiden said stumbling off with her

The next morning Aiden was in his mansion where he and Ellixandria live. The room he was in was huge which was painted white and had large windows shining light into the room. He had an  antique French desk with carvings of flowers on the dressers (Ellixandria said the room needed a feminine touch) and a black leather chair on wheels. Above his fire place was a big flat screen TV that he used to check the news for what they said about his crimes. In front of the fire place he had two couch's sitting across from each other with a brown coffee table in between them. "Why is the day always so boring?" Aiden asked himself laying his chin on the desk. "I wonder what Elli is doing?" So he got up and left through the large brown doors leading out to be met by Ellixandria. "Oh Hello Elli." He said to her kicking the floor and she replied. "Hello Aiden what are doing?"
"Well I was seeing what you were doing but I see you have nothing to do ether."
"Mornings are so boring."
"Yeah there's never anything to do."
"Well guess I'll see you later?"
"I guess what are we doing tonight?
"What else were going to rob the jewelry store."
"Aiden we can just buy jewelry. Why do we have to steal it?"
"Because I heard there was a new vigilante he's taken down only dime store robbers nothing special still a hero is a hero and there always a fun fight."
"Oh this should be fun. Now I'm with you on this job."
"Good to hear… Well um I guess I'll see you later I have things to do."
"Yeah so do I." Ellixandria said scratching behind her head. Then they both walked off waving at each other awkwardly. "Wow nice going idiot." Aiden said sitting down at his desk and smashed his head into it. "Guess that calls it a day unless I had a meeting or something scheduled today."

"They took out twenty cops in one night!?" The police Chief said slamming the table. "Y-yes sir they were powerless to stop them." His underling said nervously.
"I told the army we needed them on this but no they said we should be able to take care of a simple thief."
"I'm sorry sir but that's out job."
"This guy is no normal thief he's inhuman."
"Of course he is sir."
"Get the army on the phone."
"That will take ages sir I can't just call them up and they'll answer. And for the fact I have to go through so many channels just to begin a request."
"Don't request it demand it." He sighed." know what just get them on the line. This time they will listen."

Chapter 2: A New Hero To Kill

"Well there goes the alarm." Aiden said breaking the glass to the jewelry store. "Wonder who will get here first the vigilante or the cops?" "Frankly I don't care as long as we get a good fight out of it." Ellixandria said walking into the store disappearing, just then a woman dropped from the sky and landed in front of them, she wore a tight black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, a belt with pockets attached, a sheathed sword at her side and a white wolf mask with red markings. The markings started from temples and went down below the eyes and it had two red markings on the nose. She had long black hair hanging down to her waist and bright green eyes. "So I'm guessing you're the new vigilante?" Aiden said smirking. "So what's the pretty lady's name?" "I don't need to tell you my name." She said pulling out her sword, her sword was dark black with white stars on each side of the guard. "confident are we?" Aiden said stretching his hand out to the side "I like that this is going to be fun." Threads began to come out of hands tying together forming a naginata in his hand he span it above his head grabbed it with both hands and readied himself for battle. The girl swung her sword at Aidens side but he dodged by jumping backwards, he thrust his blade forward and she jumped on it running closer to him. She swung her sword at his head but he jumped back with her just missing his face, he pulled his weapon back and she feel to the ground. He raised the blade above her torso ready to kill her but she rolled backwards dodging the blade as it came down on her. She jumped to her feet ready to fight, Aiden walked up to the broken glass window with the blade in his right hand, faced the girl and said. "Ok you're good I'll give you that." He smiled devilishly. "But can you handle me and Elli?" Three knives flew from behind him and nearly hit the girl but she blocked them with her blade just barely. "What is this?" Ellixandria said walking out. "Fighting her without me I only came for this and you forget to tell me?" Aiden sighed and replied. "I've had my hands full here Elli I didn't have time."
"What ever I bet you just wanted to kill her yourself." he said crossing her arms and pouting.
"No time for this Elli come on lets go."
"Right." Ellixandria flipped over the girl and landed on her feet perfectly, doing this set Aiden and her up in front and behind the girl. The girl pulled out a very small chakram that could fit in the pocket of her belt, Ellixandria pulled out a knife and charged her but she blocked it with the chakram, Aiden swung at her with his naginata but again blocked it with her sword. Stuck between these two she decided to give up (Aiden though that it was a wise choice). She dropped her weapons and gave in, Aiden pointed his blade at her throat and said. "So you give up girl?" she was silent. "Any last words?" She smiled and said. "yeah three."
"See ya suckers." Then there was a loud bang, some smoke and then she was gone. "What the crap!? where'd she go?" Aiden said retracting the threads into his hands. "nice going mister *any last words?*" Ellixandria said in sarcastic voice.
"Shut up Elli not like you could of done anything ether."
"I would have killed her right then and there."
"Yeah right." Just then they started to hear some kind of loud noise coming from every direction. "Elli." Aiden said in a nervously. "Yes Aiden?" she said scared as well.
"What is that?"
"I don't know." Then they looked far off down the street and saw tanks and army men. "Oh that's all." Aiden said relaxing now. "They finally got the army in on this I was wondering when they would do that." Ellixandria popped her knuckles and said. "Funny I thought it was something worth worrying about."
"Yeah" Aiden sighed. "well get ready Elli this is going to be fun."
"Indeed." The tanks and army men arrived which surrounded them, the commander of the squad came out  of the crowd with a bullhorn in hand(Ellixandria was starting to get sick of them). He wore a green army suit with medals and his rank on his right shoulder. He had a bold face with white hair and brown eyes, he lifted the bullhorn to his mouth and said. "Alright unless you want to die today you'll come peacefully… or else." he snapped his fingers and the tanks pointed at them and the commander said. "Well I think you got the picture." Aiden smiled and said. "Ok looks like your not going to turn tail and run huh?"
"No sir."
"Alright Lets go Elli." ran forward at the commander but the tank behind him fired causing an explosion sending Aiden backwards sliding on his back Ellixandria threw knives at him but the rest of the tanks fired at her and Aiden nearly killing them. The tanks aimed at them again and Aiden managed to say to Ellixandria. "Huh not the way I wanted to go but I'm glad it was with you." "Yeah me too." She said trying to smile.
"I'm going to miss you Elli."
"Same here Aiden." The commander lifted his hand into the air and said. "Ready!" all the man readied there guns. "Aim!" they aimed right at there heads. "Fire!" Then it all went black.

When Aiden and Ellixandria woke up they got up and found themselves in a market place much like one in a dessert town. "W-we're alive?" Aiden said smiling then Ellixandria gasped and said. "We are we are alive…but who saved us?" They turned around to see a woman standing behind them she wore a very long black and white dress that dragged on the floor. It had a red veil around her waist flowing with the dress, she had black eyes and black hair. "I did." she said.
"Why?" Aiden said confused. She handed them a piece of paper with a wheel on it "I need you help with something." They walked off and she told them about the tournament and they agreed to help as long as they got to leave afterward.
my auditition for TBOS OCT
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The ending is a bit abrupt, but I like the concept for the powers.
gameboycolor47 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
yeah i just nearly missed the deadline so i had to quickly finish it up
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