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                                                            My Little Pony: Three Days

Day 2: Train Wreck
                                                                         Knight Star:
                                                                Hours Passed: 30:12:48
                                                            Location: Near Ghastly Gorge

    As the sun began to rise and it's rays hit my eyes I opened my eyes to see everypony awake and ready to go; even Armor Clad was up. I got up on my hooves and looked around to see what to take with me not bothering with saying good morning to realize we had nothing to take.

    "Well look who's up." Tint said with a smirk.
    I scoffed. "Shut up." I replied brushing the leaves off my coat.
    Shine whistled for attention. "Alri-" He started but was cut off by me.
    "It's only us four... No need to whistle..."
    Shine rolled his eyes. "I like to whistle... anyway" He continued as he headed towards the train tracks that led over the gorge. "It's time to move out if we're going to make it Appleloosa before sunset."
    "Why do we have to make it there before sunset?" Armor Clad asked following him.
    "Because I got a train schedule from the mail, last night and a train that goes through Mackintosh Hills leaves around then."
    "How did you?" I asked.
    "There are emergency matches to send letters and requests in the medical bag."
    "Makes sense."
    Tint interjected. "Wait, we have no money for a train." He said a bit confused following along.
    "That's why it's a guard train." Shine replied.
    "Guard train?" I asked trotting alongside him.
    "Yes there's a guard train that stops in Appleloosa every day on it's way to the Mackintosh Hills in order to pick up and drop off Guards heading to the border."
    "So we're taking it to the border?"
    "Don't you think the changelings will think we're bringing back up? You know, pretty much the only real rule they set up for this?."
    "How would they know we're on it? Or even be suspicious about it?"
    "Because it's going past the border and not stopping at it."
    "Relax nopony will be the wiser."
    "You better be right"
    "Course I'm right... besides I'd rather have a bed and free food than starve to death going the safer way."
    "He makes a good point." Tint added.

                                                                Hours Passed: 31:06:49
                                                   Location: Train Tracks Over Ghastly Gorge

    We walked in silence, I'm sure all still trying to wrap our heads around the situation. Only a day had past yet so much had happened. We had a plan (though somewhat of a vague a plan) but it fell apart due to that dragon. Though Shine was able to come up with a way to get us back together what would happen once we got of the train? The only thought I had would be to secretly take supplies from the stallions on the train, but we couldn't do that. Even if this was a secret mission it's not like Celestia nor Luna can vouch for us either she didn't even know we were gone. That's when it hit me.

    "Sweet Celestia!" I yelled.
    "What?" Shine asked.
    "Celestia! Luna! Not even Shining Armor know we're doing this! We've gone AWOL!"
    "Oh... yeah..."
    Tint hung his head. "I never thought of that." He said quietly.
    "Wow..." Armor Clad stated quite shocked with himself.
    Shine took a breath. "There's no going back now." He said lifting his head high and continuing on the tracks.
    "What are you talking about?" I asked. "We've only been gone a day! We can turn back and tell them what happened."
    "Then what? It'll take us a day to get back here and this will be all for naught."
    "We could get here faster on a train!"
    Shine stopped and looked back. "Then we'd be bringing back up ponies with us wouldn't we!?"
    "They'll think we're doing the same riding that train across the border!" I said putting my hoof on his shoulder stopping him.
    "Least that has more of a chance sneaking by than a military train!" He slapped my hoof off of him and put his forehead to mine pushing against eachother.
    "But isn't it a military train!?"
    "No it isn't! That's the point!"
    "Well even so if we keep going like this we'll not only have the Changelings after us but the Canterlot Guard as well!"
    "Would you rather those fillies and possibly most of Equestria die to save our own tails!?"
    "N- no..." I pulled my head away a bit defeated yet still confused.
    "Then put your pride and job aside for a bit and take a risk..." He started to walk towards Appleloosa again.
    "Either go back to Canterlot or come along... I'm saving those fillies, along with twilight and her friends."
    "Calm down Shine." Tint said walking ever so slightly towards him. "It's only been a day and we're falling apart."
    "It's fine Tint." I said walking up to Shine following him. "I needed a bit of stress relief."
    "Are you sure?" Tint followed behind us as Armor Clad did so as well, remaining silent.
    "Yes..." I lied, still scared.

                                                                Hours Passed: 37:56:09
                                          Location: Dessert: Train Tracks leading to Appleloosa

    The dessert was brutal. The heat, the sand, the dry air, everything combined made it almost unbearable to survive without water. Though we were almost dieing of heat and dehydration, the sweet allure of food and water in Appleloosa was enough to keep us going. Even Armor Clad the injured one pushed on with no complaints. As long as Shines plan stayed true then we were set. Though that didn't keep us from slowing down with each step we took.

                                                                Hours Passed: 38:13:22

    On our way to Appleloosa we came by a group of buffalo. They were kind enough to give us water on our travels so we can survive the heat. Chief Thunderhooves and Strongheart were very kind to us for the short time we crossed paths. I'm glad they and the Apploosians were able to make peace.

                                                                Hours Passed: 42:31:12
                                                                  Location: Appleloosa

    Upon reaching Appleloosa I swear Tint almost passed out from excitement and relief. Honestly I don't blame him, the water we were given had run out about an hour ago due to our poor conserving and lack of control.

    "Finally." Shine said walking to the train station. "We need to be out of here as soon as possible."
    "We can't wait a bit?" I Tint asked.
    "Some of us aren't in great condition" Armor Clad added as his bandages were in need of changing from most of them falling off from the sand. Not to mention the pain medication had worn off and he was almost limping by the time we reached town.
    "I can patch you up on the train." Shine said not stopping.
    "I know we need to be in a hurry but we do need to settle a bit." I said back.
    "We have no money and nothing to sell. The only food and water is on the train."
    "The train isn't here yet."
    "It isn't!?"
    "This is bad."
    "Why?" Tint asked beating me to the punch.
    "One thing Knight Star said before was true. The Canterlot guards will probably be after us."
    "You don't think word has spread that quickly do you?" I asked.
    "No but knowing how quickly letters can get in and out of the castle. I'm assuming we'll be hunted anytime soon."
    "You make a point." I helped Armor Clad walk towards the train station with Shine as Tint followed.

    When we reached the platform Shine sighed and placed his saddle bag on the floor. The station was filled with guards waiting for the train to arrive, and from how many were there, it was obvious the train was on its way.

                                                                Hours Passed: 43:00:00

    As the clock struck seven we could hear the train off in the distance approaching. With each second that passed our patients for the train to finally stop at the station so we could board. Though it was almost here it couldn't reach us fast enough.

    Finally the train had stopped and was allowing the ponies on it to exit the cars. While waiting I found myself tapping my hoof nervously looking around wanting to leave as soon as possible. When Shine noticed this he put his hoof on my side to reassure me things were going to be okay.

                                                                Hours Passed: 43:17:38

    Now the train was allowing boarding, though despite our rush we were caught behind a line of knights trying to board as well. While in line Tint noticed three guards that were watching the station were standing around reading one letter. We could spot the seal a mile away. It was a seal used for urgent letters. Ones that usually held important notices or... telling guards on duty that there are criminals either heading their way or there already.

    We had to get on quickly and get the train moving before they recognized us. The expressions on our faces turned from slight nervousness to complete fear.

    Once we were about to step onto the train a guard stopped Shine who was in front of us. "Hold it sir." The guard said with a stern expression.
    "Y-yes sir?" Shine asked.
    "You forgot your bag." The guard smiled handing Shine his saddle bag which he had forgotten on the platform.
    "Oh, thank you." Shine tried not to sound nervous as he wrapped the saddle bag onto his bag.
    "You gotta be more careful with your things."
    "Y-yes yes I know. I'm sorry we're just in a rush." Shine looked over to see the three guards reading the letter looking our way and pointing at the paper. Either they were being rude or trying to match us up with a wanted poster.
    "Well slow down got plenty of time till you reach the mountains." The guard said walking away.
    "Yes o-of course." Shine sighed walking onto the train. "Let's move." He whispered.

    Almost as soon as we entered the train it started up and began to head towards the hills. Deciding it would be the smart thing, we moved to the passenger car where we got two separate rooms, as each had only two beds for the over night trip. Shine and I were in one room while Tint and Armor Clad were across from us.

    Each room looked the same. Blue walls with cyan stripes, two beds on each side and a clock above the bed on the right.

    Once he entered Shine, wasted no time placing his bag down and passing out on the bed. "Oh thank Celestia," He said with relief. "I was about to pass out had I been on my hooves any longer."
    I sighed sitting down on my own bed. "Agreed." I replied.
    "We should sleep now. The train stops early morning and we gotta high tail it out of here as quickly as possible."
    "What about food?" I asked with a smirk as his stomach growled.
    "Oh yeah... mind making a snack run then?"
    I rolled my eyes. "Sure. I'll ask Tint and Armor what they want too."
    "I'll just have a daisy sandwich and apple cider."
    "Got it." I got up and walked out of the room to go check on Tint and Armor Clad.

    When I knocked I was greeted by Armor Clad without his armor on. Tint was already out cold and rightfully so. "Want anything to eat?" I asked. "I'm making a food run."
    "Sure I'll come with." Armor Clad replied stepping out of his room and shutting the door behind him.
    "What about Tint?"
    "I'll just get him some hay and grape juice he'll be fine. It's what he usually gets anyway"
    "You two are close huh?" I asked waling down the hall to the dining car.
    "Well he's my brother in law." Armor Clad replied following.
    "Oh yeah. Your sister got married a little while ago to his brother didn't she?"
    "Well it's good to see you two not at each others throats."
    "You act like we're children."
    "I just like the men under my control to not want to kill each other." I opened the door to the next car allowing him to enter first.
    "Because you and Shine demonstrated that well today." He waited for me to follow.
    "I was worried... and for good reason."
    "I never said it wasn't."
    "That wasn't the first time we've fought like that anyway... though the roles was reversed."
    "Yeah. Though it ended with me knocking him into a wall..."
    "There was no wall on the bridge."
    "I know..." We entered the continued to walk down the eerily quiet and dark cars.

                                                                Hours Passed: 43:32:11

    We reached the dining car and sat down to order our food. I put my elbow onto the counter and leaned my on my hoof with a sigh.
    "Tired?" The bartender asked with a friendly smile.
    "You don't know the half of it." I replied yawning. "We just came to get some food then be on our way."
    "Well I got that, and drinks to. What'll it be?"

    We soon ordered our food and waited somewhat impatiently for it to be made. I looked over to see Armor Clad tapping his hoof on the counter. "Hungry?" I asked sarcastically.
    "No worried."
    "About crossing the border?"
    "And what's waiting for us."
    "I couldn't agree more." I added as Armor Clad nodded and our food was brought to us.
    "Here ya are." The bartender said rather happily.
    "Thank you." I payed him and began to pick up the plates and glasses on the counter as a voice was heard over the intercom
    "Attention passengers. We are now at the base of the mountains. Which means we'll be coming up on the border in about half an hour." As the intercom turned off Armor Clad and I looked at each other worried.
    "We should get back now." I said picking up my own food along with Shines, placing it all on my back.
    "Right." Armor Clad said doing the same for his and Tints food.

                                                                Hours Passed: 43:43:49

    Armor Clad and I stopped at our rooms then said good night before opening our doors and walking in.

    Upon entering my room I was greeted by Shine asleep in a rather obnoxious position with both his front hoof and hind hoof hanging off the the side of the bed. "Get up!" I shouted placing placing the the food down on my bed.
    "What?" Tint asked sitting up on the bed.
    "Food, what else?" I sat on my bed eating my daisy sandwich and apple cider along with Tint levitating his food over to himself. "Half an hour until we reach the border."
    Tint took a sip of his cider and sighed. "Yeah."
    "Though I thought you said the train was stopping in the morning."
    "I did, and it is."
    "Yeesh, I know we're going past the border but how far is it going?" I took a bite of my sandwich.
    "Enough so we can make it in time to the changeling capitol in before the comet arrives."
    "You know the farther we go the more risk there is to these ponies lives."
    "I'm not the one making them do this, this was a last minute decision."
    "So they know about the attack on Ponyville?"
    "Since when?"
    "When do you think? The guard we sent back with the captured changelings, duh."
    "Oh yeah that would make sense..."
    Shine rolled his eyes finishing his food and placing the plate on the ground. "We need to sleep."
    "Right." I said doing the same.
    Shine stretched and laid down. "Night."
    I nodded. "Good night." I laid down as well.

    Only a few minutes later I realized I couldn't sleep due to being so over tired. I tossed and turned until eventually I gave in and started to bother Shine. "Hey Shine?" I asked.
    "Yeah?" He asked groggily and a bit annoyed.
    "Does this oddly remind you of the time we rode to Canterlot on a train to become part of the Royal Guard?"
    "A bit, yeah."
    I chuckled. "Do you remember when you almost blew up the train and cost us the chance to join the Guard?"
    He laughed to. "Yeah. You hated me for months."
    "I don't think we talked again until you and I were put on patrol together."
    "I actually don't remember that."
    "Really? It's very vivid to me... almost like it happened just yesterday."
    "Guess you have a better memory than me."
    "Yeah..." I rolled over facing the wall. "Well good night."
    "'Night." He Shine said a yawn.

                                                                Hours Passed: 43:53:11

    After only ten minutes of sleep the intercom rudely awoke us to tell us. "Attention everypony. We will be crossing the border in about a minute."

    Shine and I quickly got up putting our armor back on and walking over to Armor Clad and Tints room. "Alright fillies." I said walking into their room. "We're entering enemy territory in about thirty seconds, so get ready."
    "The train stops early morning though." Tint said pulling the blanket over his head.
    "Did I ask y-." I was cut off by the intercom again.
    "Attention passengers we are now crossing the border."
    "See? Nothing happe-." Tint began but was immediately cut off by the train coming to a complete halt sending us forwards as somehow we were shrouded in complete darkness.
    "You were saying?" I asked.

    Once the car had come to a complete stop we started to hear pounding on the roof and the car began to tilt to the side as the words. "I warned you." Came from the crystal ball. Finally the car started rolling off the track down the mountain side.

                                                                Hours Passed: 44:03:20
                                                    Location: Beside the derailed train car

    "Everypony okay?" I asked as Armor Clad flew out of the car with shine and let him down next to Tint.
    "Yeah I think so." Tint said popping his shoulder.
    "Thanks for the save Armor Clad." Shine said looking above at the large bridge the train was just on.
    "No problem." He replied falling to the ground. "My wings didn't much appreciate it though."
    "I'd think not." Shine reached for his missing medical bag. "Oh no."
    "You forgot it in the car didn't you?" I asked.
    "I think so."
    "Great..." I sighed.
    "I got it." Armor Clad said spreading his wings only to have them retract in pain. "Nope that's not going to work."
    "Wait." Tint said looking up. "The rest of the train isn't here. It's just our car and the caboose."
    "Hey you're right." I said smiling. "Hopefully that means everypony else is okay."
    "But for now," Shine said trying to look for a way up onto the track. "Let's get to the caboose."
    "Why?" I asked."
    "Because it holds all of the gear the train was hauling of course."
    "It's not ours though."
    "We need it more than them. They have a way back home, we don't. All we can do is continue the mission."
    "You may be right, but that doesn't mean we can steal our own stallions gear."
    "It's that our die on sight when we meet chrysalis." Shine started to take a small stair case on the inside of one of the legs of the bridge as we all followed.
    "He has a point Knight." Tint said a bit disappointed in the truth.
    "Armor you can't agree with this can you?" I asked.
    "I don't like it anymore than you do," Armor Clad stated. "but it's what we have to do to survive."
    "Why are you all so against this?" Shine asked reaching the top of the stairs and opening it walk out onto the large one lain train track.
    "It's taking other ponies belongings is why." I said a bit confused, as usually Shine was sensible about these things.
    "We're not taking their things. We're taking the gear. You know the gear we're supposed to use."
    "Now come on."

    Finally we reached the caboose and Shine had Armor Clad pry it open. Upon entering we started digging through all of the trunks and suitcases finding the gear we need to carry on such as. One sided blades for each of us, food, medical supplies, tents, blankets, and tarps (we don't know if the weather is controlled or not in the changeling kingdom).

    "This is just what we needed." Tint said stepping off the car as he took out his blade and looked at it lovingly. "It's been awhile since I've wielded one of these."
    "Put that away." Shine ordered as he stepped off the car behind him. "It's a sword, as in dangerous. Only have it out if it needs to be."
    "Yes sir." he sighed sheathing the blade and wrapping the sheath strap around his body like the rest of us.
    "Think you could patch me up now?" Armor Clad said slowly dropping down.
    "Of course." He began bandaging Armor Clad.
    "I still bad about this." I said coming down.
    "Look, it was this or die."
    "I know, I know..." I sighed placing a bag off apples on the floor. "Get Armor patched up then let's get this car off the tracks."
    "Why?" Tint asked.
    "We don't want it blocking the way when they turn around to come back do we?"
    "I suppose you're right."

    About ten minutes later waiting for Shine to be finished re-wrapping Armor Clads wounds we walked over to the cars and started to tilt the car over. We probably wouldn't have gotten it off the tracks or to even tilt at all.

    With a loud crash the car reached the bottom of mountain and came to a complete stop. "Alright it's time to move." I said out of breath.
    "Yes sir." They all replied as we began walking back to the door leading to the bottom of the tracks.

    Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, we started off towards the changeling kingdom.

                                                                Hours Passed: 45:41:52
                                                 Location: Somewhere in Mackintosh Hills

    After two hours of walking we had, had enough, if we went on any longer we would pass out. "Alright everypony let's stop for now." I said.
    "Oh thank Celestia." Tint said letting his head fall to the ground. "Where are we sleeping? Should we set up the tents?"
    "No, that cave should do."
    "Cause that worked out so well last time." Shine said rather bluntly.
    "Relax this one's too small to be a dragons cave, now come on."
    "Yes sir." They all replied following me into the cave.
    "Don't bother setting up camp just lay a blanket or two down and go to sleep." I said laying my own blanket down then proceeding to lay down on it. "Good night."
    "Night." Tint said doing the same.
    "Sleep well." Shine yawned laying down and putting the blanket over himself rather than on the ground.
    "Good night." Armor Clad said laying his blanket down then using one of the saddle bags as a pillow.

                                                                Hours Passed: 47:30:00

    Though I was hoping for a peaceful night of sleep I would be sorely mistaken. As only two hours after I went to sleep I was visited in my dreams by Luna. Normally I would be excited for this, as we've had conversations in my dreams before, but this time was different for many reasons.

    "Greetings young Knight Star." She said looking very unhappy.
    "G-greetings Princess Luna." I stuttered as my dream of the center of Canterlot fell into a gray void.
    "Do you know why I am here?"
    "To talk?" I asked half halfheartedly hoping that would somehow be correct.
    She gave me a disapproving glare. "Do you honestly think that?"
    I sighed hanging my head. "No..."
    "I thought not. I am here to talk about what you're doing."
    "You mean going on a mission not supported by any officials to a foreign kingdom to possibly start a war just to save nine ponies?"
    "We and sister have discussed it and, we support it."
    "We would not be able to make it in time at this time. Not to mention the only ponies who could help you at this point have to turn around and head back due to the loss of their gear, but also the fact their gear was sent tumbling down a mountain side."
    "Oh... s-sorry."
    "It is fine. Just know this, the only reason we support this is because we trust Twilight Sparkle and her friends to defeat Queen Chrysalis."
    "Then why do you want us to go?"
    "Clean up."
    "You want us on cover up duty?"
    "Not cover up, clean up. I do not think miss Sparkle brave enough to do what needs to be done."
    "You mean you want me to-"
    "End Chrysalis' rule."
    I looked at her worried. "Do you really think I can do it?"
    "You have fought changelings before, I am certain you will be able to do it again."
    "We've fought some of them, and even then we were beaten. Not to mention the regular ones are nothing compared to Chrysalis."
    "Then why have you come all this way?"
    "We were planning on sneaking in to save the fillies, at least I was. And if that failed twilight and her friends are there to back us up."
    "Well Knight Star it is time for you and your team of three to rise to the challenge."
    "Excuse me?"
    "Team of four."
    "I do not recall there being four of you."
    "Yeah, me, Tint, Armor Clad and Shine."
    "Hm, I see. Well Knight Star this is now your mission. If you do not carry it out or do not even attempt to carry it out, do not bother coming back to Canterlot."
    "You and Celestia really want her gone don't you?"
    I sighed then held my head up high. "I will carry out this mission."
    "Good." She started to walk away into a small light then stopped looking back. "Shine... who is he?"
    "He's my best friend."
    "I thought Shining Armor was your best friend."
    "I hardly know Shining."
    "Are you sure?"
    "May I see some of your memories of this... Shine?"
    "Of course."
    "Thank you." Lunas horn began to glow as light came out out of my forehead spreading into the room as we witnessed memories of Shine and I together.

     Luna looked around these memories very confused and slightly worried. "These memories are very... vivid." She began. "Almost as if they were created only days ago."
    "Could just be that I have a good memory." I stated.
    "Not even the best minds could remember this vividly for so many years."
    "Well Shine is my friend I have no doubt in that."
    "I see... if this how you feel." Her horn stopped glowing and we fell into the gray void again. "Just keep an eye on him. I do not recall even seeing his papers as being part of the Canterlot guard."
    "Oh he has documents trust me I've seen them myself."
    "I will check this. Good night Knight Star."
    "Good night my princess." I bowed as she left my dream.

                                                                Hours Passed: 48:00:00
                                                                          End Day 2
Cover by :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: (Text added by me)

MY GOSH I feel like this should've been the end of the story already, this took just that long.

Worst part is day 3 will probably three times as long (Not even joking (watch it be shorter ))

Well sorry if it's disjointed or just plane EHHHH but I wrote this not only while sick but usually around 12 to 2 AM each session.

anyway enjoy. don't expect the next part for awhile.
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